The Lucerna rooftop – that is 1000 m2 of unique space above the Lucerna palace. The whole building carrying distinctive elements of subsiding Art Nouveau and incoming Modernism has been finished in 1921 by Václav Havel (the grandfather of president Václav Havel).

Since the beginnings of the construction, social events were planned at the large roof terraces. However, the intent wasn't realized. Builder Václav Havel passed away within the following year after completion of the construction. His sons Václav M. Havel and Miloš Havel were more focused on building Barrandov Terraces, Barrandov Studios and cinematic industry. Then the war came, then communists and subsequently long dispute about ownership of the Lucerna that was brought to a successful conclusion by madame Dagmar Havlová, a wife of deceased Václav Havel and owner of the palace.

New era

In 2014, investor Jan Bárta instigated a meeting with madame Havlová at her farm Košík and café owner Ondřej Kobza who was looking for a convenient roof, where could a community garden be built according to the model of the famous Brooklyn Grange Farm. Ondřej Kobza with his association Pianos in the Streets attempts to revitalize public space with pianos, chess boards, poesiomats ( jukeboxes with poetry). The experience that it's possible to transform the Main Railway station into a concert hall where somebody always plays the piano, this fundamental transformation of the place led to the idea of using the roof of the Lucerna for inspirational encounter and cultural dialog between people. They all agreed and the project was joined by architect Petr Hájek who considerably contributed to the successful renovation of the roof. In its new appearance, it resembles a deck of a transoceanic steamer. New iron railing was built and foremost, the roof was finally opened for a few days for the first time after long 95 years. For 3 days in 2016, for 7 days in 2017 and for 15 in 2018.

Among the events taking place here, there were morning yoga, lectures, book christenings, movies projections, concerts at the dusk with Iva Bittová and Dan Bárta, Holy Mass with Láďa Herian, the roof was converted into a green yard within the project Meadow upon the Lucerna. Salons are organized here for instance with David Vávra, Ivan M. Havel, Radvan Bahbouch, Jaques Rupnik, Dominik Duka, Jiří Sádlo…

The main event at the Lucerna roof in 2019 is going to be an original exposition about the history of Havel family and whole cultural centre Lucerna. The exposition at the roof is going to be opened to general public in May.


The program structure is going to be based on our main mission that is the support of community life, educational and public enlightenment activities, art in public space, the roof as a creative laboratory for development of social innovations and preservation of cultural heritage.

Střecha Lucerny

Palác Lucerna, Štěpánská 61, Praha


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